Tips and Tricks

10 Press Release Mistakes Companies Need to Avoid

Crafting a press release is a nuanced art form that balances informative journalism and strategic marketing. When done correctly, a news release can significantly boost your company’s visibility, credibility, and even SEO ranking. However, common pitfalls can derail your efforts,

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Mastering the Art of the Follow-Up to a News Release

Once a news release is distributed, the journey doesn’t end there. The follow-up is a critical phase where real engagement and meaningful connections are built. At Executive Business Services, we understand the importance of effective follow-up practices in maximizing the

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Successful News Release Strategies of Leading Brands

The art of crafting and disseminating a news release is a critical component of any successful public relations strategy. The strategies and principles used by leading real-world brands offer invaluable insights. This case study will explore how successful brands have

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