Unveiling the Journalist’s Perspective: What Makes a News Release Stand Out

As an organization that stands at the pivotal point of disseminating critical news, we at Executive Business Services continually strive to refine our strategies, focusing on what truly matters: reaching our audience effectively and promptly. In our quest to ensure the relevance and impact of our news releases, we took a unique approach — delving into the minds of the recipients themselves, the journalists.

Clarity is King

Journalists are often inundated with a myriad of news releases daily. What cuts through the clutter? The unanimous response was ‘clarity.’ Journalists appreciate a release that quickly and concisely communicates the who, what, when, where, why, and how. Evasive language, jargon, and unnecessarily complex sentences detract from the message.

Value the Journalist’s Time

Pressed by stringent deadlines, journalists crave brevity. A release should ideally fit onto one page, succinctly delivering its key messages. Journalists also expressed frustration at the absence of necessary contact information, leaving them chasing leads when questions arise. Thus, always include clear and direct contact details for further inquiries.

Authenticity Matters

Journalists have a nose for news, distinguishing genuine stories from blatant self-promotion. Our respondents urged companies to share real, meaningful stories and updates rather than just repackaging marketing efforts as news releases. The rule of thumb is simple: If it isn’t newsworthy, it doesn’t belong in a news release.

Use Multimedia Wisely

In our digital age, multimedia elements can amplify a release’s impact. However, journalists emphasized the importance of relevance and quality. Images, videos, or infographics should directly relate to the story and be high-resolution. Furthermore, they should enhance the narrative, not distract from it.

The Right Pitch is Crucial

Contrary to popular belief, the release is just half the battle won. How you pitch your story is equally essential. Tailoring your pitch to the journalist’s beat, respecting their submission preferences, and personalizing your communication can make a difference in whether your release gets picked up.

The creation of a compelling news release is an art. It demands clarity, brevity, authenticity, multimedia relevance, and a tailored pitch. Master these elements, and your news stands a better chance of being seen and shared, expanding its reach and impact.

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