SEDAR+ Launch: A Revolutionary Change in Canadian Regulatory Filing

As a renowned provider of comprehensive filing services, Executive Business Services (EBS) is thrilled to highlight the impending arrival of SEDAR+ – a revolutionary, web-based platform set to redefine Canada’s regulatory filing and issuer information search landscape.

SEDAR+ is the future-focused innovation of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), poised to replace multiple legacy systems with a single, streamlined platform. Scheduled to launch on July 25, 2023, SEDAR+ comes with an array of enhanced features and functionalities, offering a much-needed boost to user experience and regulatory compliance processes.

Upgrading the Regulatory Filing Landscape

The CSA’s ambition to modernize the electronic filing and data access systems crucial to Canadian securities regulation has resulted in the birth of SEDAR+. It is expected to be a game-changer, with improved usability and an intuitive interface that addresses the limitations of the existing systems, which fail to interconnect and require users to link data across different platforms manually.

The new system incorporates SEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval), CTO (Cease-Trade Order Database), DL (Disciplined List), SEDI (System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders), NRD (National Registration Database), and NRS (National Registration Search), into one cohesive platform.

Revitalizing User Experience

Capital market participants can look forward to a reimagined user experience with SEDAR+. The platform promises effortless access to issuer information by integrating multiple databases into one easily searchable site. Its web-based nature eliminates the need for installations or VPN connections.

Unlike the current SEDAR system, which is accessible only from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET on weekdays, SEDAR+ will be available round-the-clock, catering to all time zones. The platform simplifies the filing process across multiple provincial or territorial regulators by offering a single portal for all filings, effectively reducing the time and cost of regulatory compliance.

Elevating Privacy and Efficiency

With SEDAR+, filers can enjoy superior privacy management by creating user groups and designation of issuer and filing permissions. By automatically calculating and processing filing, system, and late fees upon submission, the new system saves time and avoids potential errors. Furthermore, the consolidation of systems and standardization of inputs contribute to improved data quality, aiding more precise and insightful market analysis.

Transition to the Future

The migration to SEDAR+ involves three phases over the coming years. The first phase commencing in July 2023, will see SEDAR, Disciplined List, Cease Trade Order databases, reporting issuers lists, and local filing systems moving to the new platform.

The CSA has ensured a smooth transition by providing guidance, support, training, and one-on-one assistance through the SEDAR+ Support team. EBS recommends that all issuers and SEDAR+ subscribers start preparing for this substantial transition to benefit from the new system’s immense potential.

At EBS, we believe that SEDAR+ marks a significant stride towards a more efficient and seamless regulatory filing and data access system in Canadian capital markets. We are excited to help our clients navigate and optimize this new era of regulatory filing, ensuring a smooth transition and capitalizing on the enhanced features to streamline your regulatory processes. Let’s embrace this change together and witness the evolution of regulatory filing in the Canadian securities industry.

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