Headline Writing: The Dos and Don’ts of the Craft

Are you struggling to write a headline for your blog post or article? Headlines are an important part of any piece of writing – they can make or break your content. Crafting the perfect headline can be tricky, but with the right tips, it doesn’t have to be! This blog post will look at the dos and don’ts of writing a headline so that your content stands out. Let’s get started!

Do: Keep it Short

When writing a headline, it is important to keep it short and concise. The ideal headline should be between six to eight words long, as this allows readers to understand the main point of your news release quickly. Make sure that the main idea of your news release is clear and easily understandable in just a few words. Longer headlines can be confusing and may distract readers from reading your content. Aim for clarity when writing your headline so that readers can quickly and easily understand your news release.

Do: Write for Your Target Audience

Writing headlines for your blog post should always be done with the target audience in mind. Take some time to think about who the post is meant for and craft your headline accordingly. Keep in mind that readers will scan over the headline before they click through and read more, so make sure it stands out and resonates with them. For a news release, you’ll want to ensure it includes relevant keywords so that it shows up in search engine results. Writing for your target audience on each platform can help you create headlines that get noticed.

Do: Use Power Words in a Headline

Power words are the key to making your headlines stand out and get noticed. They are attention-grabbing words that evoke an emotional response, such as excitement, fear, or curiosity. Some examples of power words include “unlock,” “transform,” and “discover.” Using power words can help you make a catchy and informative headline. For instance, if you’re writing a news release about a new product launch, you could use the power words “unveil,” “reveal,” and “launch” to create a compelling headline that will grab readers’ attention. Power words are a fantastic way to ensure your headline stands out and encourages people to click.

Do: Use Numbers

Using numbers in your headline can help draw attention and make it more clickable. Numbers also create a sense of specificity and convey information quickly. Use numbers to convey facts, rankings, or statistics in your headline. For example, “EBS Reports 5 Million User Milestone” is much more impactful than “EBS Reaches Big Milestone.” Making numbers part of your headline can make the story more tangible and encourage readers to click through for more information.

Do: Create a Sense of Urgency for your Headline

Creating urgency in your headlines effectively draws readers in and encourages them to click. A great way to accomplish this is by referencing up-to-date news or events, such as a new product launch or a new report released. For example, you could use phrases such as “New Product Launch – Get the Details Now!” or “Latest News: Read Our January Report.” You can also use words like “urgent,” “critical,” “important,” and “immediate” to create a sense of urgency. By creating this sense of urgency, readers are more likely to act and click through to your content. Finally, if you want to promote an event, online seminar, or news release, be sure to include a call-to-action so that readers know how to get involved.

Don’t: Be Vague

When writing a headline, it’s important to ensure you don’t leave your readers in the dark. If your headline is too vague, readers won’t understand what the news release is about and may not even bother to click on the article. Instead, be direct and succinct so readers know what they can expect when they click through. Ensure you give readers an accurate summary of the article without leaving anything out. If you don’t provide enough detail, it may cause your audience to become disinterested and move on to something else. Be specific and clear with your headlines so your readers will understand what they can find in the article.

Don’t: Use Clichés

No matter what kind of headline you’re writing, one thing to always avoid is clichés. Clichés are overused phrases that lack originality and freshness. While they may seem like a great way to fill up space in your headline, they can be ineffective and even turn off readers. For example, “breaking news” has become such a common phrase in headlines that it’s no longer effective or unique. Instead of using clichés, try to be creative and produce something new and interesting for your headline. If you want to use a phrase that conveys the same message, you can use alternatives like “fresh news” or “latest news release” instead.

Don’t: Try to be Funny in a Headline

When writing a headline, it can be tempting to add humour or puns. However, this isn’t always the best idea. Too often, attempts at humour can backfire, making the headline less effective than it would have been without the jokes. Additionally, a humorous headline can be too casual and less professional, which is not usually the desired effect for a news release or any other document type. Therefore, it’s best to avoid jokes in your headlines and use straightforward language that conveys your message clearly and effectively.

Don’t: Use Jargon

Jargon can often be confusing and intimidating for your readers, so it’s best to avoid it when writing a headline. Jargon can include specialized language or terms used in a particular profession, such as a news release. While these words might be relevant to certain audiences, they can also be difficult to understand and make your headline seem unapproachable. Instead, use plain, easily understandable language. Remember that your headline should be concise and engaging, so take the time to craft something easy to read and understand.

EBS Can Help with your Headline

If you’re struggling with writing headlines for your news release, or website content, the expert team at EBS can help. Our copywriters have years of experience crafting eye-catching and informative headlines that appeal to target audiences. Our team understands the importance of utilizing power words, numbers, and urgency in headlines. We’ll work with you to create headlines that capture attention and convert readers into leads. Contact us today to find out how our services can help you write the perfect headline for your project.

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