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news release writing is an important form of communications

Industry-Specific Press Releases: A How-To Guide

You must write for your audience; that is why industry-specific press releases resonate. One size does not fit all, especially when crafting press releases. Different industries have unique characteristics, audiences, and media landscapes. To maximize the impact of your press

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Send Your Press Release at the Best Time

In the world of public relations, timing is everything. Knowing when to send your press release can significantly impact its visibility and success. Distributing your news immediately ensures it gets noticed by journalists, media outlets, and your target audience. Here’s

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10 Press Release Mistakes Companies Need to Avoid

Crafting a press release is a nuanced art form that balances informative journalism and strategic marketing. When done correctly, a news release can significantly boost your company’s visibility, credibility, and even SEO ranking. However, common pitfalls can derail your efforts,

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Mastering the Art of the Follow-Up to a News Release

Once a news release is distributed, the journey doesn’t end there. The follow-up is a critical phase where real engagement and meaningful connections are built. At Executive Business Services, we understand the importance of effective follow-up practices in maximizing the

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